Superior properties of stainless steel

Stainless steel corrosion-resistant, strong, hygienic and recyclable carries. these properties make it an ideal selection for a variety of industrial applications, proposals and users. some studies indicate that the life cycle of the ordinary general use of stainless steel price is lower than the material difficult. the unique properties of stainless steel make it difficult to purchase replacement products.

100% stainless steel and can be recycled bring not degraded at recycling. the ingredients (eg nickel, chromium and iron) can thus be re bringing consumers indefinitely to supply new stainless steel.
corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel capital with ownership mean surface coatings or painting, to bring harm to the environment can bring, not necessary to raise the intensity of a product lifecycle.

It is with the very affordable means of metal ions released during the ko stainless steel products, when exposed to normal environmental owns the most, and therefore possesses no harmful impacts on the environment .
The corrosion inhibitor that enhance longevity of the product. Reliability increases brought no immediate replacement market necessities and needs amendments next to have new resources to reduce ownership.

not only that to their corrosion resistance, stainless steel also possesses low mechanical properties. This property can be exploited to produce lighter components and products, without the mandatory safety impact.

Stainless steel is the first selective materials for hospital equipment and surgical instruments because it can facilitate the cleaning and sterilization in a row for reuse, without causing decrease. the majority of these items are used in the processing of pharmaceutical supply, and to prepare food products, are made from stainless steel for such reasons. Stainless steel also contributes to the process of desalination (ie drinking water distribution in the range of sea) economic efficiency. therefore, common arid areas of the globe to bring the benefits can enjoy that to the availability of fresh water ownership.

Stainless steel create sustainable measures

the characteristics of stainless steel, plus the ability to Outokumpu to supply the most efficient steel grade with the assistance of buyers of technology, have made sustainability measures. We expect one of the references we will activate your ideas.

to generate solar power feasible, documents need to be in the future and free maintenance to ensure good life cycle costs.

In countries such as cleaning solutions and equipment order desalination, seawater salinity collaboration with high temperatures generated 1 corrosive environments. Stainless steel material production optimal for this stage.

Bring durable layer allows thinner gauges used in the first series of applications such as tanks, pressure vessels and pipelines, and also in transport communications and technology solutions for civil and structural. This leads to remarkable savings of raw materials price, weight, handling and allow sustainable life cycle more efficiently with the corresponding energy savings and reduce emissions.

The growth of the new stainless steel allow, simile, required to achieve green building with enhanced corrosion resistance improves processing almost the structure of life.

Outokumpu stainless steel is one perfect solution for sustainable construction. As demonstrated elsewhere, the properties of stainless steel has made it one stable choice. Outokumpu also brought products to distributors with CE label as required by Regulation EU construction products and bring additional information available in the form Product Declaration LEED or BREEAM environmental and sheets. Almost the majority of the steel samples are also eligible to register in Basta, facilities Swedish data for sustainable construction materials.

more sustainable solutions Environmental close

High-strength stainless steel, besides universal nature of his desire, also to be changed to improve safety.

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